Alright folks, I am not sure if you have ever read/seen this story, Giraffes Can't Dance, by Giles Andreae. BUT -- let me tell you about my morning with this story. 

It is the sweetest story, and I brought Gerald the Giraffe in so the kids could discuss Gerald and his problem. The book is so heartwarming and teaches such a beautiful lesson the child were empathetic with Gerald, they laughed for Gerald, and then they clapped with happiness for Gerald at the end of the story. It was truly such a breathtaking moment with my little people. They sure show you how important the little things in life are, and how unimportant the bias and judgement is in the world. :) 

ANYWAYSSSS--- off my soap box 

I have to say I am absolutely loving all of these activities I am finding off TpT and blogs for my kiddos. I can hear and see them growing and learning daily in front of me. It's beautiful. It's definitely time for me to start creating my own activities. We've been having a blast and I am so proud. 

I have also learned, the language (words and body language) that you use in front of your children will reflect to these kiddos. They see you, they love you, they thrive off of your every word (usually.) So, with that said, don't talk to them like they are babies because they are but they aren't. They're little people, they're mini-adults. They honestly see this world in a better view than we do, in my opinion, and they love life. Learn from them. In return, teach them by being yourself. If you're grumpy with a bad attitude, it is DEFINITELY going to reflect in their behavior. Have fun with these kids and believe me, I have learned that if you have fun, goof off with these kids, play with them; that in return, they will learn and enjoy being around y


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