It's finally here! A 5 day break! 

Yet, here I am, working on stuff on my laptop. It definitely has become addicting. 
Last week was pretty busy, we had so much fun in the classroom! We used Miss Kindergarten's November Centers for the last week and half. My kiddos had a blast, and it definitely inspired me to continue the creation of my own products/games for my kiddos to learn. They were asking questions about Thanksgiving just from the clip art even. That totally blew my mind, but made me a super happy teacher.
On Tuesday, we didn't have a "feast" we just made pumpkin-pie in a bag! I will say, it looks like legit poop when you squeeze it into the cup, the kids made sure and told me. BUT - they all ate it, every last drop!! So much fun. 

So, now I am trying to gather up some money to purchase these 5 things in my basket on TpT as well as start my own store!! 

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