This week is "review week" since we send out report cards on Friday. Since I am not focusing on anything new I thought I would make a post about what my day consisted of. 
Monday mornings are absolutely CRAZY for me! I get to work usually an hour early, so most days that gives me about an hour and half to get a lot done (since I live an hour from work) but Mondays I have morning drop off duty and am usually having a typical "Monday morning." Today was unlike any other, so I stayed late until about 5:30. Which is rare for me since I live so far, I usually come home and work. 

In the picture it shows parts of what I was working on. I have read blog after blog, last week I read on two separate blogs (so sorry I honestly have no idea which blogs) but I read where one teacher stated about worksheets that aren't "assessments," if a child can do a worksheet quick and easy, they don't need it. If they can't do it, they need your teaching. That hit me hard, I don't like worksheets hardly, especially for Kindergarten. I know they are helpful, but a majority of the time the kids learn SO much more by doing, interacting, touching. I also read where a teacher was burnt out on doing morning work papers so she created tubs of activities that correlate with what they have/had been working on. I LOVED this idea! So I went to lakeshore on Saturday and picked up some tubs to match the table colors. I have loaded down the tubs with writing paper, a whiteboard, a few phonics sight word books, a few science first readers, a puzzle, a matching game of either AaBbCc's, numbers, patterns, matching, colors/color words, and also wikki sticks. The children are able to work on any of the above while we get settled in in the morning and I can get their folders checked before we start calendar. They are going to be so excited tomorrow. I can't wait to see their faces! 

Thing I have learned as a first year teacher:
Your children will tell you what they love and you will hear when they learn. For example: We have started sight word battles between the boys/girls, winners get to go to when we go to computers that day. (huge incentive!) But my kiddos LOVE it, so much, and they make sure and ask me over and over if we can play the sight word game. Because of that my numbers went up dramatically in sight word tests on Friday. I had a few who knew below 12 and walked out of there on Friday knowing over 25 out of 41! 
I was a happy happy teacher! 
Mrs. Thomas 


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