It's November 10 and I am finally finding time to make a blog! I wanted to start this from the get go being my first year and all and document my experience as best as I could, but your first year is hard, and long, and exhausting and honestly I really have had ZERO time to fit in creating a blog... Yet, here I am trying to figure out the "blogging generation." 
I will start by showing you my room from the beginning... This is how my room ended up for Open House, but let me tell you... It has changed dramatically. 

I have come to the realization that your first year is nothing like what was taught in college. AT ALL. I have learned so much just from listening, trial and error, and being online researching for hours in the evening. 
I feel like the most important part of your first year is patience. It is not going to go the way you have envisioned at all normally. You have to be beyond flexible (this word I did remember hearing repeatedly in college, but I never appreciated it like I do now.) You also could have the cutest ideas and the way your classes personality is, it will not work. For example: I had the cutest classroom jobs set up, I had several. I have just changed almost all of them last week. There are certain things you don't need a job leader for and there are things that you DEFINITELY need a job leader for. So I bought that off TpT and ended up keeping about 4 of those jobs, but like I said, you live and learn your first year, as well as spend a lot of your own money. 

My plan is every day to post on here so that up and coming teachers can have someone to look at and know that when things aren't going right your first year, you aren't alone. I hear it daily, and I am also experiencing it by the minute! 
Mrs. T.

Mrs. Popp
11/10/2013 7:20pm

Looks like you have a great start! I am looking forward to your future posts.


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