Well, I didn't post last night about the morning activity bins because I fell asleep on the couch at 7 and went to bed at 7:30. Much, much needed. 

As far as switching out morning work with bins, my kiddos LOVED it! They still loved it this morning. Walking around after I finished folders and listening to them made me squeal like a little girl on the inside. I was hearing them work together on puzzles, and matching activities, a table had a rhyming puzzle and I was hearing them say the words to match. They were making letters with the wikki sticks and writing all of our sight words on the white boards. Some kiddos can't read well right now, so they were reading the book to me via pictures. My this teachers heart OH SO HAPPY! 

I'm finishing up report cards this week and reviewing concepts I know my kiddos need a lot of help on, and introducing CVC word families. Finding so much on TpT I want to buy!!!! Still trying to learn how to make my own stuff, slowly but surely. Will post ideas I have for next weeks lessons! :) 


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