My goodness. It has been over 10 days since I have blogged. I am slacking for sure. BUT -- I have a perfectly good excuse I feel like. Nothing, not college, or even veteran teachers, could prepare you enough for teaching December. Especially Kindergarten. My kids are still awesome, but wild! They are all about Christmas and Santa, and our elf, Elmer. Nothing else really.. Thankfully I teach where I can celebrate the holidays and my kiddos can actually enjoy it. I am forever thankful for that. 
We have this week and then we are off until January 7. I am very excited to go home for the holidays, but I will definitely miss my kiddos. I will be so excited to hear about Santa when they get back. 
So this week consists of meetings, movie with the kiddos and admin, Christmas program, Christmas party, early release, secret santa, PTO luncheon, and then road trip with my wonderful husband.
My newsletter looks like this for week:  

No I can statements on this weeks newsletter. I will have them up on the board, but with how crazy it will be we are covering all over the board what certain kids need more help with! I also am going to cause quite the mischief with Elmer. I will definitely check back in hopefully by Friday and share the details on this week! 
Have to get busy on more products for TpT. When we get back we have a lot of new areas to cover and I have to make it super fun for my babies! 
Merry Christmas folks!
Mrs. Thomas 

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