1. So, here is a product of my morning bins! This student came up to me and said, "Mrs. Thomas, look what I did! I even wrote the date, isn't it good?" So proud. I loved walking around listening to them all work together on what was in the bins. 

2. Here is another "bin" component I made last week for the next weeks bins. I am working very hard on CVC words with my kiddos. Some of them get it, others are having a hard time. So the more exposure you can give your kiddos, they come up on top! :) These are di-cut pumpkins I cut different ways to match up with the correct word family. 

3. This is another lesson I have learned this year as a first year teacher that I feel is very, very important to any teacher, new or experienced, that needs to be remembered year to year. 
When I got my class list there was a child on there that I had been "warned" about as soon as their name showed up on my list. Warned meaning; previous teachers told me how "terrible" this child was, I heard that this student was ALWAYS in ISS, never had any friends, didn't listen to instructions, there was no hope for this child they said. Basically, nothing from any direction was positive about this child. But let me tell you my teaching philosophy... I set HIGH goals and I have high expectations for my kiddos. I was not going to come in this year putting labels on any child. With that goal in my mind, this child is great. If I have any problems, I deal with them. This child understands and I can promise you anytime I have had this child step out of the classroom for a talk this child walks away with their last words as Yes ma'am, I understand. I'm sorry. The behavior doesn't happen again. Now, I know everyone is not perfect, but this child has seen how much I have cared and how with positive behavior comes positive praise. This specific child also just told me "I love you," immediately that afternoon I texted that child mother and her exact words were that this child doesn't tell many people that, and that you're an awesome teacher and I'm grateful he's in your class! -- If this doesn't justify that having high EQUAL goals and expectations for every child in your class, I'm not sure what will. Don't believe the labels set by others, these kiddos are in your hands for almost an entire year. You mold them into little individuals, please be careful in how you mold them.

4. I just dominated Dollar Tree. Found a lot more items for their bins next week. We are also starting action verbs so I love these sentences strips! Wish they had more sight word dices, but I will check other Dollar Trees. Can't live without enough whiteboards or magnetic numbers and letters :) 

5. I figured I should explain why I am not at school today, since I'm sure some of you are confused and judging. :) I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, went to the doctor this morning, changed my name on my social security card finally. This week like I said was review and would be an only time I felt comfortable missing for the doctor(s). Because this picture below is beyond the truth. I can plan better off the top of my head than writing a step by step plan down for someone who doesn't know my kiddos like I do. 
With that said, HAPPY FRIDAY! 

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