I have finally been able to participate in Elf on the Shelf!!! This year we have a boy elf, and his name is ELMER! <-- Too cute! 
I introduced him yesterday, and also read a note from Santa. The kiddos were super excited. They LOVED the story as well as the whole idea. I had a few kids who were skeptic. So I thought today was the time to introduce "ornery Elmer." The kiddos went to PE, and Elmer wasn't very happy with the talking meter from morning message. He previously showed up on the flag, and made streamers to get to the Christmas tree. On his way he poured out every tables crayons all over the table and then on his way back he got snow all over the tree and decided to tell them love Elmer. 
Let me tell you, the kids were ECSTATIC. If they didn't believe in Elmer before, they sure do now. Some were freaked and seriously watching every move they make. They now have begun to tell each other to follow the rules because Elmer gets upset. I was laughing. I felt so evil, but it was so funny. :) 
So then I had recess duty and I had another Kindergarten teacher go in to the room and cause some mischief. She wrote on the board I am watching you and flipped over all the chairs and put some on the tables. It's definitely making a difference in our room. They have worked harder on any work in one day than they ever have! 
I hope the elves are going well in everyone else's room! It is super fun for me!

Mrs. Thomas 


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